Sunday, February 9, 2020

Favela's is One of the Best Places for Mexican Food in the West Coast!

Customers in Solano County regards Favela's to be one of their most original finest restaurants. Residents voting through a survey in numerous local newspapers in the recent years awarding them with the Best Burritos and Best Mexican Food. Nevertheless, local recognition has not been the only award we have received.

In May of 1996, Favela's was recognized by the Sunset Magazine as one of the Best Places for Mexican Food in the West Coast. Included are numerous write-ups illustrating the achievements we have reached.

The Favela's Familia feels very proud for what they have accomplished.

Avoiding the use of preservatives and lard makes our products more healthy and desirable in a society where health consciousness is an important factor.

Being so sure of our products, we were among the first business in our County to work with a nutritional consultant to create a nutritional guide. But don’t let the health factor fool you because when it comes to taste, the food is raving in flavor. The secret ingredients individualize every item in the menu assuring you that no two items will taste the same and leaving you only with the desire of indulging in other items.

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